Trillium Board of Directors

Trillium’s remarkably accomplished Directors’ Board oversees and manages the company to benefit its investors and the management both alike

Mr. Janaka Ratnayake
BSc. (Hons), MBs
Mr. Janaka Ratnayake is a veteran entrepreneur and holder of a BSc (Hons) Public Administration degree from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura and a Master of Business Studies from the University of Colombo. He also successfully completed an executive education program at the prestigious Harvard University. He currently holds positions as the Chairman and CEO of Trillium Property Management & Services Ltd., City Housing and Real Estate PLC,...
Mr. Rachitha Ratnayake
BSc. (UK)
Executive Director
Mr. Rachitha Ratnayake graduated from the University of Southampton in UK, specializing in accounting and finance. He presently plays an integral part at Trillium spearheading the organizational development aspect of the Company. He has enormous exposure towards the real estate industry and international markets having hands on experience in the industry while also accumulating synergistic strengths, following his father’s footsteps.
Mr. Lekhya Ratnayake
BSc. (UK)
Executive Director
Mr. Lekhya Ratnayake is a graduate, specializing in accounting and finance at the University of Loughborough, United Kingdom. He has spent time in the United Kingdom and has received the opportunity to explore different industries, working methodologies in real-estate business and the hospitality industry. This exposure has given him a unique edge in educating the Trillium team about the luxury concepts that could be implemented in projects, q...
Prof. Muditha Vidanapathirana
Independent Non-Executive Director
Prof. Vidanapathirana is the Head and the Chair Professor of Forensic Medicine, affiliated to the faculty of medical science of University of Sri Jayewardenepura. He has been in the medical field for over 30 years and obtained an MBBS, Diploma in Legal Medicine (DLM), Doctor of Medicine in Forensic Medicine (MD), MA in Criminology, Diploma membership from the Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine (MFFLM) from the Royal College of Physicians UK w...
Brigadier (Rtd.) Dr. S. Thiran Sripathi De Silva
BIT (Hons), MIT (Mgt) PHD, MCP, MACS.
Independent Non-Executive Director
Dr. De Silva is currently a Director General attached to the Center for Research and Development at Ministry of Defence. He has extensive management experience and served as the Head of IT/CIO at National Savings Bank, Colonel and Director IT at Sri Lanka Army, Chief Controller at the Center for Research & Development, Ministry of Defence and Senior Lecturer at Kothalawala Defence University. Dr. Thiran De Silva is a Doctor of Business Admini...
Mrs. Apsara Ranathunga
Independent Non-Executive Director
Mrs. Ranathunga is an Attorney-at-Law of Supreme Court of Sri Lanka, Notary Public having license to practice in English and registered company secretary & Commissioner of Oath, and has 18 years of experience in her legal profession. She has a wealth of experience which is being utilized by Trillium in negotiating, analyzing, reviewing, drafting, banking law, company law, commercial law, property law, preparation of title reports, mortgage bonds ...
Mr. Mohamed Mustapha Faizal
Non-Executive Director
Mr. Faizal is a Chief Executive Officer of Sri Lanka’s leading IT services outsourcing company, Rent A Comp Services (Pvt) Ltd since early 2001. He has been working in Russia and UK as a senior executive in information technology related field handling operations, sales and promotional work. The exposure that he has received in overseas markets as a part of senior management has given him a distinct advantage in a market like Sri Lanka. Havi...
Mrs. Renuka Ratnayake
Non-Executive Director
Mrs. Ratnayake has served as a director of Trillium Property Management and Services since its inception and adds over 20 years of experience to the board with positions as a director at a few private companies in the IT sector.